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Toddler Silver Spoon with a Brown Calico Cat Hypoallergenic 925/999 Silver, Hot Enamel

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Kids' Silver Tableware

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  • Metal:
    925 silver
  • Approximate Weight:
  • Length:
    123mm | 4-27/32"
  • Capacity:

Silver spoon for a toddler with a handle decorated with a mischievous brown 'calico cat'. The spoon is made of hypoallergenic solid 925 silver coated with antibacterial pure 999 silver that gives it a beautiful shine and protects against tarnishing. An excellent gift for a baby shower. Ideal for kids from 8 months to 4 years.

Our collection of the 'teething' silver spoons with colored enamel figures of animals is absolutely unique and amazing. These silver spoons are made especially for kids and very convenient and comfortable. The shape of the mouthpiece of all our kids silver spoons is designed specifically for a little prince or princess. One should note that a teething relief silver spoon has an overall beneficial effect on baby's health by preventing infections and boosting immune system. Baby and toddler silver spoons offered by our online store will ease the teething pain as high-grade European fine sterling silver cools and disinfects the gums. No doubt this excellent and affordable luxury gift will serve for decades and will always remind of your love and thoughtfulness.