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Silver and Pure Gold Polish Foam Silver and Gilded Silver Cleaning Solution

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Jewelry Care

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Have you heard anyone say:-"This is the best silver tableware care solution I've ever used"?

The extra mild polish for the finest sterling silver, silver plated or pure (999.9) gold jewelry and silver tableware with\without enamel or gilt. The most convenient method for cleaning frequently used silver items. This mild polish does not contain harsh abrasives, but with powerful foaming action quickly lifts away food residue, removes light tarnish, and maintains the patina of your finest pieces. Polish Foam offers a fast, simple and absolutely safe cleaning method. It combines washing and polishing in one fast, easy operation. Rinses tarnish stain completely, leaving both silver and your hands spotlessly clean. Contains no strong abrasives, chemicals or offensive odor and will not clod. Made in the USA.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a liberal amount of Silver Foam with a dampened sponge or cotton cloth and wash thoroughly. Rinse in clear, warm water. Dry to a rich luster with a soft, dry, cotton cloth.

Cause of silver tarnish: Tarnish is caused by sulfides from food, contact with rubber, or smoke and gas in the air. Washing your silver immediately after use with Silver Foam will eliminate any tarnish.

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