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Tsar Gold 10-ruble Coin and Diamond Pendant Special Order

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Special order. Price on request. Call our headquaters toll-free 1.877.965.6869

  • Metal:
    585 (14kt) yellow gold, 900 (21.6kt) gold
  • Weight:

This inspirational diamond pendant with stylized Orthodox church dome in 14-karat (583 probe) two-tone gold and authentic Russian tsar golden 10 rubles with artfully minted a bas-relief profile of the last martyred Russian tsar Nicholas 2 is not solely a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a religious symbol. Due to the canonization of the tsar Nicholas 2 by the Russian Orthodox Church this pendant may serve as a body icon.

Ruler: Tsar Nicholas 2, Mint: St. Petersburg, 1898-1911. Coin Mintmasters: 1898-99 - Appolon Grasgov, 1899-1911- Elikum Babayantz, Felix Zaleman, Alexander Redko.
900 probe=21.6-karat gold. Learn more about tsar gold coins.

This pendant with an antique golden coin of the Russian Imperial Mint is exclusively custom-made within the period of up to three (3) months. Please contact our Customer Service Department toll-free 1.877.965.6869 to inquire about the price and the time for completing your order.

Note: The coin you receive may be from a different year's mintage and may not be in mint condition.

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