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Icon Pendant 'The Holy Apostle Andrew' Certified 585 (14kt) Rose Gold

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Body Icon

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  • Metal:
    585 (14kt) rose gold
  • Weight:
  • Height:
    25mm | 63/64"
  • Width:
    16mm | 5/8"

Austere variant of "The Holy Apostle Andrew the First-called" body icon. This pendant masterfully reinterprets the Orthodox iconographic classic motif. Its made from brushed and polished 585 (14-karat) rose gold with laser cutwork technique.

The Holy Apostle Andrew (the first of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus) is intercessor for fishermen and elderly maids and servants as well as all men with name Andrew (Andrey). Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Scotland. Commemorated: November, 30 (December 13).

Life of the Saint: Andrew, the son of Jonah and brother of Peter, was born in Bethsaida and was a fisherman by trade. He was the first of the Twelve Great Apostles to know the Lord and follow Him. St. Andrew preached the Gospel in Byzantium and Thrace, then in the lands along the Danube and around the Black Sea, then in Kiev and Novgorod he planted a Crosses on a high places and finally in Epirus, Greece. He converted multitudes of people to the Faith and performed many miracles in the name of Christ, and won many over the to the Lord. Angered at this, Proconsul Aegeates subjected St. Andrew to torture and then crucified him. While the apostle of Christ was still alive on the cross, he gave beneficial instructions to the Christians who had gathered around. Then the apostle prayed to God and an extraordinary light encompassed him. This brilliant illumination lasted for half an hour, and when disappeared, the apostle gave up his holy soul to God. This happened in the year 62. His relics were taken to Constantinople; his head was later to Rome, and one hand was taken to Moscow.

Note: Chain is for presentation purposes only and is not included in icon pendant price.

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