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Pectoral Cross Pendant. 'Orthodox Legacy' Series Blackened Hypoallergenic Certified 925 Silver

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Orthodox Cross N/A


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  • Metal:
    925 silver
  • Weight:
  • Height:
    70mm | 2-3/4"
  • Width:
    40mm | 1-37/64"

This blackened 925 silver 7.0cm high Orthodox cross for men can be worn both as a pectoral cross (over garments), and as a body cross (under garments). A master jeweler adorned the reverse of the cross with the text of the troparion* dedicated to the Lord's Cross: "Кресту Твоему поклоняемся, Владыко, и святое Воскресение Твоё Славим!" (Church Slavonic for "We worship Thy Cross, Master, and we glorify Your Holy Resurrection").
Men's Orthodox body crosses of the "Orthodox Legacy" series are replicas of late-XVIII - mid-XIX century body crosses made in Siberia.

*Troparion is a short prayer chant in Church Slavonic.