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Men's Orthodox Prayer Cross 'Да воскреснет Бог' Blackened Hypoallergenic Certified 925 Silver

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Orthodox Cross

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  • Metal:
    925 silver
  • Weight:
  • Height:
    45mm | 1-49/64"
  • Width:
    25mm | 1"

Men's Orthodox cross with the prayer "Let the God Arise" from the "Orthodox Legacy" series* made of blackened 925 silver. This particular cross is inscribed with the prayer in Church Slavonic: "Да воскреснет Бог, и расточатся врази Его и да бежат от лица Его ненавидящии Его. Яко исчезает дым, да исчезнут; яко тает воск от лица огня, тако да погибнут беси от лица любящих Бога..." (English: "Let the God arise, let his enemies scatter from his face, let those hating him flee before Him as smoke drifts away, as wax melts before the fire let the wicked perish in the presence of the God..."). The Prayer of Jesus may be read incessantly. It serves to sanctify a spiritual and bring over the blessings of the God.

*Orthodox body crosses for men from the "Orthodox Legacy" series replicate the Siberian body crosses of late-XVIII - mid-XIX centuries.