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Classic Russian Cross Pendant 585 (14kt) Rose and White Gold

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Orthodox Cross Pendant

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  • Metal:
    585 (14kt) rose gold, 585 (14kt) white gold
  • Weight:
    0.95 g
  • Height:
    26mm | 1-1/32"
  • Width:
    14mm | 35/64"

One of the oldest forms of the crucifix, the Orthodox crucifix is also the form of true cross. This Russian cross pendant made of sandblasted 585 rose gold and featuring body of Jesus made of white gold and a delicate laser engraving with inscriptions in Old Slavonic language praising Christ and Christianity: IHЦI (INRI) given by Pontius Pilate and means 'Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorem' (translation to Russian 'Иисус Назаретянский-Царь Иудейский'), НИКА (from Nike-the winged Goddess of Victory means 'Jesus Christ Conquers' and signifies Christ's triumph over death and purgatory), IC XC (Иисус Христос-Jesus Christ), ГГ (Гора Голгофа - Golgotha mount). On the reverse side of the cross there is an inscription in Cyrillic 'Спаси и Сохрани'  ('Save and Protect'). This design composition is classical for Russian gold crucifix and Russian gold cross pendants.