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Meaningful Orthodox Body Cross. White Gold

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Meaningful Orthodox Body Cross
White Gold

A white gold variant of the rose gold Meaningful Orthodox body cross.

The inscriptions and symbols on the cross praise Jesus and the Christianity: All Seening Eye (Всевидящее Око), ЦРЬ СЛВЫ (The King of Glory), IHЦI (INRI) - 4 letters on the plate given by Pontius Pilate denote: "Иисус Назаретянский-Царь Иудейский" (from Latin Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum), IC XC (Jesus Christ), Солнце и Луна означают затмение-реакцию природы на распятие Христа, Skull at the base of the Cross represents the ashes of Adam, whose sins were washed away with blood of Christ on Golgotha, NИКА (signifies Christ’s triumph over death and purgatory), СНЪ БЖIЙ - means "Son of God", МЛРБ-Место лобно рай бысть (Skull place is become paradise), Lance - denotes lance of the Roman legionnaire that pierced the body of crucified Christ, Cane- denotes cane, weapon used to torture Christ and Спаси и Сохрани (Protect and save me, oh my God) on the reverse side.

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The cross pendant enlarged to show detail. A chain is not included. Please see our selection of chains.

Orthodox Cross Pendant

Item code: T30086095

Your Price: $160

Material: 585º white gold

Average weight: 1.26 g

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Meaningful Orthodox Body Cross