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Silver Tea Set 'Amalia': Sugar Bowl & Creamer Hypoallergenic Antibacterial 925 Gilded Silver

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Silver Serveware N/A


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  • Metal:
    925 silver
  • Approximate Weight:
    75 g / 2.4 tr.oz - bowl; 65 g / 2.09 tr.oz - creamer
  • Height:
    68 mm / 2.7” - bowl; 80 mm / 3.15” - creamer
  • Capacity:
    130 cm3 / 4.4 dry oz - bowl; 110 ml /3.72 fl.oz - creamer

This silver tea set redefines the role of the tableware, translating function into style. The ceremony of enjoying tea or coffee becomes a whole new experience with the use of exquisite silver. The art of the silversmith is exhibited through the subtly modulating technique used to create gold-plated silver ribs and produce appealing reflections of light and shadow. This hollowware set of sugar bowl and creamer was created with the expectation of being the best of its kind.