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Master Silver Fish Serving Knife

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Fish Serving Knife

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  • Metal:
    830 silver - handle; stainless steel - blade
  • Approximate Weight:
    97 g /3.13 oz
  • Length:
    253 mm / 9.96”

Design of this silver fish serving knife is as functional as it is exquisite. The serving fish knife is made of silver and British stainless steel and has no sharp edges. Any cooked fish is usually soft and does not need any cutting, so flat serving fish knives are used solely to separate flesh from the bones. The dent on one side of the blade helps separate fish backbone. Ideal for dividing portions, and serving soft meals like aspic fish and meat. Helps you lift and turn over meat, sausages, chicken wings and shrimps while grilling.

We offer elegant free customized packaging manufactured in Finland to complete your shopping experience.
We offer a special mild non-abrasive Silver Foam for cleaning at $9 per 4 oz. jar. Do not use a dishwasher!

Fish serving knife in the picture is not actual size.