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The Holy Apostle Paul Gold Body Icon

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Body Icon

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  • Metal:
    585 (14kt) rose gold
  • Weight:
  • Height:
    25mm | 63/64"
  • Width:
    16mm | 5/8"

"The Holy Apostle Paul" gold body icon. Just like painting on a canvas, this jewelry icon pendant has earned its right to be considered an art form. The reverse of the icon features eight pointed orthodox cross and inscription in Russian "Святой Апостол Павел" meaning "The Holy Apostle Paul". Jewelry technique: laser cutwork over matte 585 gold. Measures 30mm (1 3/16 inch) in height by 18mm (11/16 inch) in width. Made in Kostroma City, Russia.

The Holy Apostle Pual is intercessor for the Christian missionaries, writers, publishers, authors and the press as well as all men with name Paul (Павел).
Commemorated: June 29 (July 12).

Life of the Saint: Paul was born in Tarsus and was of the tribe of Benjamin. At first he was called Saul. He was baptized by the Apostle Ananias, named Paul and numbered in the service of the Great Apostles. With fiery zeal Paul preached the Gospel everywhere, from the borders of Arabia to Spain. Throughout all the years of his preaching, Paul hung from day to day as on a weak thread between life and death. Having filled all his days and nights with labor and suffering for Christ, having organized the Church in many places, and having attained such a degree of perfection, he was able to say: not I, but Christ liveth in me. Paul was beheaded in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero, at the same time as the martyrdom of the Apostle Peter.

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