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I have a question about Kids' Silver Tableware SKU#12851080, because I have original tablespoon with the same pattern from Petersbourgh, Russia 1978 with 916 silver. Have you any history about this tablespoon or the pattern?

Mieszko J. Gdansk, Poland

Dear Mr. Jonczyk
Will be a pleasure to assist you but we do not understand your question. These 925 silver spoons have always been made in Tallinn. These kids' spoons were never made in Leningrad/St.Petersburg.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hi, do you do jewelry cleaning and repair?

Molly B. NY, USA

Hi Molly, we do just ultrasonic cleaning. At the same time we can offer Jewelry and Silverware Care Solutions

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hello there,
Your brand has been on my mind ever since I came across your site the other day. A friend of mine shared a link to your site, and I just love what you guys are doing! Between the product selection and branding, you guys are crushing it! Your look is fresh and modern, and you’d pair beautifully with some of the other women’s lifestyle, fashion, & beauty brands we work with in a collab campaign. I would love to extend a private invitation to Golden Flamingo LLC to participate in our upcoming fashion & beauty campaign.
Best, Rachel Spratt
Operations Manager

- Albany, NY

Hello Rachel,
Please feel free to get in touch with our PR team on +1 (905) 762-1750

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Good afternoon,
I am interested in the "Star of Bethlehem Orthodox Cross in 14k yellow gold", but was hoping if the Russian inscription could be written in Ukrainian instead. I appreciate your support for Ukraine, but I am sure you understand as a Ukrainian myself I would prefer my own language. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
Best, Maria

Maria S. PA, USA

Hello Maria,
Thank you for your interest to our product line. Unfortunately, we do not have this cross with inscription in Ukrainian Спаси і Збережи.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Hope to serve you in the future.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hello, what other metal(s) are part of your silver kitchen utensils? I noticed that you put a special kind of 830 silver, which is 83% silver. So I would like to know what the other 17% is made up of. Thanks.

Hamid S. Ontario, Canada

Dear Hamid,
North European silver tableware has a millesimal fineness of 830. This alloy contains 83% pure silver and 17% copper and coated with hypoallergenic 999 silver.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team


Good afternoon,
I am writing to let you know that we have received the body cross that we ordered for our baby. It is very beautiful!
Also, thank you very much for the nice gift box and the gift card. We would like to buy two more crosses for ourselves from your shop, but we are not sure which ones we want. I am attaching 3 screenshots to this email of the crosses that we liked. Is it possible for you to send us some realtime pictures of these crosses so that we can decide? A picture in a palm of your hand would be the best, if it is possible. Thank you so much again for the fast shipping and the gift card.

Nina C. Lexington Park, MD

Hi Nina,
We are truly happy that you like our products.
We not hesitate to tell you that our line of Christian Orthodox crosses is remarkable and astonishingly beautiful. Please let our sales associate Oksana contact you by phone and consult you with the crosses you picked for ourselves. Please provide us with phone number which seems suitable for you to talk to Oksana. Thank you,

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hu, would you be able to make a customized necklace (yin yang) with cubic zirconia? I would attach the picture but I don’t have the option here. Also, would like to know the price.

Natalie D. , FL

Hello Natalie
If we understand you correctly you'd like to customized one of our standard necklace. Unfortunately right now we cannot implement this feature. But we can suggest to you a wide selection of many other necklaces. Just use search request "necklace" on our website. Thank you.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hey Golden Flamingo!
Have you had a chance to review my previous message regarding diamond leverback earrings?

Jonel K. Dwight, Ontario

Hello Jonel,
Thank you for your interest to our jewelry line.
Yes, we received your request regarding white gold diamond earrings.
Unfortunately, we do not carry this particular item in our inventory here, in Canada. This item is available in Brooklyn, NY USA location at this time.
Please note that the jewelry items you see on our website are priced in US dollar currency.
We can arrange the purchase and international shipping to your destination in accordance with our Sales Policy and Regulations for international shipments (please refer to one published on our website). If you are agree with terms and conditions of sales for international consumers, please let us know by emailing us. As soon as we receive your acceptance of conditions of sale, our representative will call you to proceed with payment and shipping arrangements. Looking forward hearing from you.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team