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Hello, I would like to place orders for some of your products, I would like to know if I can place orders with my credit card and if I can arrange to pick them up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company. I will be looking forward to your quick response. Thanks


Hello David,
Of course you can pay with a credit card. Call our NY boutique toll-free 1.866.965.6869

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hello. I have a question … I bought in the past this cross from your store “ Lady's Ukrainian Style Cross Certified 585 (14kt) White Gold, Rhodium Finish” in rose gold. You only have it now in the white gold option, any chance you still have a rose gold option or can obtain it ? Please let me know. Thank you so much

Natalia F. , NJ

Hello Natalia,
In response on your enquiry regarding availability of orthodox cross "Lady's Ukrainian Style Cross Certified 585 (14kt) gold" (which corresponds to SKU # T30006082 in our inventory system) we confirm that above mentioned style is available ONLY in white 585 (14kt) gold and NOT available in rose 585 (14kt) anymore. Please refer to our extensive Christian Orthodox Cross collection of rose gold crosses for other styles to choose from.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

I received a postcard with your promotion in February. Tell me more about "Refer a friend and get $50 cash"?

Becky A. Cocoa, FL

Hi Becky,
We reward you with $50.00 (check) for every friend referred by you that spends $500.00 and more. Please note: you don’t have to buy anything to be eligible for your $50.00 reward.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

I'm looking to order some men's Cuban Link Chain - 7mm from your shop and I would like to know the ones that you have available in your inventory.
Length:22", Solid 14k Gold, 3 Quantities
Let me know the price of the most expensive and least expensive. Also I would like to know if you accept a credit card as payment

James M. NY, USA

We cannot complete your order for two reasons:
1) we do not have such chains
2) but even if we had them, we would not sell them to you. Because your order looks a highly likely as a scam (fraud).

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

I am unable to place an order shipped to Brooklyn NY with billing address in Carrollton TX, any advices ?

Liliya Tsimberg Carrollton, TX

Dear Lillya,
Our website is protected from scammers. One of the tools is the requirement that the delivery (shipping) address matches the billing address.
You can choose from two scenarios:
1. Receive item in Texas and send to your friend in Brooklyn
2. Pay for the product via phone, and then we can send the product to your friend in Brooklyn.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hi, Do you offer discounts for some cash payments?

Cathy P. Santa Fe, NM

Hello Cathy,
If cash, the discount can be 2%.
Sincere regards,

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

I have a question about Kids' Silver Tableware SKU#12851080, because I have original tablespoon with the same pattern from Petersbourgh, Russia 1978 with 916 silver. Have you any history about this tablespoon or the pattern?

Mieszko J. Gdansk, Poland

Dear Mr. Jonczyk
Will be a pleasure to assist you but we do not understand your question. These 925 silver spoons have always been made in Tallinn. These kids' spoons were never made in Leningrad/St.Petersburg.

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team

Hi, do you do jewelry cleaning and repair?

Molly B. NY, USA

Hi Molly, we do just ultrasonic cleaning. At the same time we can offer Jewelry and Silverware Care Solutions

— The Golden Flamingo Client Experience Team