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We understand partnership as a wide variety of long-term business relations. Our cooperation programs are oriented at classic investors, we have trade expansion programs for jewelry companies and relevant businesses, and a franchising program.

Take advantage of our positive experience with marketing mechanisms in jewelry sales in the USA and Canada. We are ready to share our extensive knowledge with our partners. 26 years of business gave us a good understanding of what has to be done during an economic recovery and at the time of recession. We are ready to share our highly functional business infrastructure operating with valuables: our offices in Toronto and New York responsible for logistics, custom clearance, secure storage and insurance; retail customer services; North America-oriented marketing specialists; accounting and legal services; access to banking services; our brand name; our brick-and-mortar retail operations in New York, Ontario and Quebec; an online jewelry store with top Google rating; GIA certified gemologists, and so much more to help you build your jewelry business in North America. We are absolutely open to implementing the ideas and capabilities of our partners.

To become a brand partner visit CONTACT US page. We are open to your suggestions.

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