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An Orthodox cross is one of the oldest and most revered hallmarks of Orthodox Christianity. Due to a traditional design a classical Orthodox cross is also known as Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek, Byzantine or Eastern cross and is considered an authentic Orthodox symbol of faith.

Our collection of Orthodox cross pendants imported directly from Russia features the body crosses for children, women and men, and crucifixes made of rose gold or rose and white gold combination. Hand-crafted in the medieval Russian town of Kostroma, all artisanal Russian Orthodox crosses from this collection bring together traditional canons of Russian Orthodox Church and the latest advancements in jewelry technique. These cross pendants are decorated with elaborately engraved inscriptions in Old Church Slavonic language praising the Lord and Christianity. The reverse of the crosses always features an ever-present message in Russian 'Спаси и сохрани' ('Save and Protect') typical for the Russian Orthodox crosses. Some Eastern Slavic crosses are adorned with perfect Russian diamonds. Due to exquisite details these Orthodox crosses are as much of jewelry masterpieces as religious symbols.

The Orthodox body crosses are a sacred symbol of Orthodox Christianity that stands for faith, salvation and absolution for 10 MLN Orthodox Christians in North America. We help you stay true to the traditions of our forefathers with these symbols of faith. Our Russian jewelry store proudly offers you the best selection of body orthodox crosses in the USA and Canada that features close to 200 different style authentic rose gold Russian Orthodox Cross pendants and body Orthodox Crucifixes. Choose your symbol of faith from our collection to cherish and wear for the rest of your life and buy it in stores in New York and Toronto or online.

Our Company acknowledges with great gratitude the contribution of Mr. Alexander Markov (Moscow), the graduate of the Supreme Divinity School of the Moscow Academy of Theology who generously shared with us his knowledge and kindly provided us with his insight to help every believer comprehend the profound spiritual, historical and sacral significance of the inscriptions and symbols on the Orthodox golden and silver body crosses from our collection.

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