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The King of Glory Orthodox Cross Certified 585 (14kt) Rose Gold

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Orthodox Cross

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  • Metal:
    585 (14kt) rose gold
  • Weight:
  • Height:
    33mm | 1-19/64"
  • Width:
    17mm | 43/64"

It's all about emotions. Religious emotions. The secret lies in canonical Eastern Christian aesthetic with expressive symbols and inscriptions praising Christ and Christianity: Phoenix, this legendary bird symbolizes resurrection, immortality and triumph over adversity, 'ЦРЬ СЛВЫ' (Царь Славы-The King of Glory), 'IC XC' (Іисусъ Христосъ-Jesus Christ), 'NИКА' (from Nike-the winged Goddess of Victory. Means 'Jesus Christ Conquers' and signifies Christ's triumph over death and purgatory, 'МЛРБ' (Место лобно рай бысть - Calvary is become paradise), SKULL at the base of the cross represents the ashes of Adam, whose sins were washed away with blood of Christ on Golgotha, words on the reverse 'Спаси и Cохрани' ('Protect and Save' [me, oh my God]) dissolve negative energy and protect from demonic attacks. The perfect craftsmanship with laser cutwork technique on 585 (14-karat) rose gold embodies the concepts of the designer with fine details. This cross is recommended for a man or a woman.