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This Silver For Life jewelry collection takes a fresh approach to design and positioning by combining glamour and classic elegance that pays homage to the past while embracing the future with an heirloom-chic aesthetic. These masterpieces deliver versatility and make it possible to combine separate silver earrings, rings and pendants into different sets to match any attire depending on the occasion and to achieve an endless variety while maintaining a stylistic unity.

One of the key success factors of this collection is its superior quality. Each stone is precisely and meticulously set as befitting a high-end golden jewelry. Made exclusively from Russian solid 925 silver with non-tarnish plating these quality handcrafted rings, earrings, and pendants are decorated with the finest genuine and man-made semi-precious stones and produced using only top-notch manufacturing techniques. No glue is allowed in the process. Each semi-precious stone is set by hand by a skilled and experienced Russian diamond setter. Once completed the pieces are rhodium-plated to strengthen the silver and to give them a bold and vivid sheen. As result we are giving you exactly what you're looking for: a priceless beauty at the best value.

The highest quality silver jewelry is called Sterling Silver or 925 Silver. It is called 925 silver because it is 92.5% pure silver. The other 7.5% is another metal (typically copper) which helps strengthen and stabilize the metal.

Micro Mosaic Jewelry Smalti Filati Technique. This irresistible silver jewelry bring you exquisite and unique sterling smalti filati (means micro mosaic) jewelry that's set with genuine turquoise, coral, colored mother-of-pearl, and onyx. These silver rings, earrings and pendants are designed to appeal to the true connoisseurs looking for something unique and distinctive.

The burgeoning silver trade between Europe and North America triggered a neoclassical revival in a micro mosaic jewelry art that dates back to antiquity. Based on the ancient Byzantine techniques, it was first revived during the 16th century in Italy, in the Medici-ruled Florence. While earlier mosaics were comprised of square tesserae of marble and glass, later works perfected the painstaking technique by employing small pieces, slices or strips of semi-precious stones. This method, called smalti filati, was further developed in Vatican workshops and brought to such perfection that the tiny pieces of genuine colored stone tesserae looked more like a painting.

VIPs are going crazzy for the micro mosaic smalti filati jewelry in Europe and in the Unated States. High profile fashion moguls have taken a huge interest in the chic, versalite style and are matching the colorful jewelry with anything from couture clothing to laid-back casual wear. Modern micro mosaic silver jewelry is still manufactured in Europe, usually with a wider variation of new, vibrant colors and shapes, and is becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation. Many different color stones give our customers a fun experience selecting the perfect one of them. The decision prosess is so tough that most customers end up getting two or more jewelry pieces. Because first impressions speak volumes. Great impressions last forever!

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