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Of all Christian confessions, only Orthodoxy and Catholicism honor both crosses and icons simultaneously. The cross carries with it a tremendous charge of spiritual energy – it is a symbol of faith, salvation, and atonement. This is why the silver or gold cross pendant worn by every Christian is more than just a symbol – it is viewed as a link between man and God.

Russian gold crosses and icons


Every Christian Cross - Is The True Cross!

Orthodoxy does not impose strict requirements on the design of the cross, because it honors the actualcross and not any particular style of craftsmanship. What does matter, however, is that at least one of the cross’s lines be divided exactly in half. So, when studying the manufacturing of crosses, one should not look for stylistic differences, but rather pay attention to artistic idiosyncrasies inspired by the traditions of any given Orthodox country. In fact, one of the oldest forms of the cross, the Orthodox cross is also the form of true christian cross. The Orthodox cross is also known as Eastern cross, Byzantine cross, Russian cross, Ukrainian cross, Armenian cross, Greek cross, Macedonian cross,  Serbian cross, Bulgarian cross, Coptic cross,  Georgian cross,  Slavic orthodox cross,  Patriarchal cross and  St. Olga cross.

8 bar Russian orthodox body cross buy in New York and TorontoOrthodox Byzantine style cross from Russia in the USA and Canada-buyGreek style crucifix cross pendant made of rose gold

Pic. 1 depicts an eight-pointed cross that is most frequently encountered in Russian and Serbian Orthodox churches, Pic. 2 shows a Byzantine cross, and Pic. 3 presents a Greek style crucifix cross pendant (online video).

The Orthodox Church concerns itself not with the decorative aspect of the cross, but rather with the image of Jesus Christ appearing on it. Orthodox body icons and crosses bearing images of Christ or of various saints pprotection of the eternal soul ortray that image which is celebrated by the believers. Jesus Christ is shown everywhere as the omnipotent God. Yes, Christ suffered and died on the cross. But then He resurrected. And we know that He suffered not out of powerlessness, but, voluntarily, out of love for humanity, in order to teach us and love and forgiveness for one another. This Easter joy is ever present in the Orthodox Crucifixion. This is why Christ does not die on the Orthodox cross, but openly spreads out his arms as if to embrace the entire humankind.

A fundamental difference between Orthodox and Latin Crucifixions is the number of nails used to nail the Son of God to the cross. The Orthodox Christians believe that the feet of Christ were nailed to the cross with two separate nails, one in each foot, and therefore, the Orthodox Canons dictate that Christ’s feet be separated on the cross. In contrast, on Latin crosses, Christ’s feet appear one atop the other, held in place with a single nail. 

America's most extensive selection of orthodox cross pendants and orthodox icon necklaces

We are offering a wide selection of gold Russian Orthodox crosses in the USA and Canada. In our store you can find gold crucifix pendants as well as sterling silver crucifixes. You can buy men's cross necklace as well as cross necklace for women or children.       

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Below you can see some items from our extensive selection of Cross and Crucifix Necklaces and Pendants:         


  Rose gold Russian crucifix cross pendant in the USA and Canada    Armenian crucifix cross diamond golden pendant buy in New York and Toronto      Ukrainian Orthodox cross made of rose and white gold                    



    Eastern christian rose and white gold cross necklace      Russian silver orthodox body cross in the North America


 Buy Orthodox Icon Necklaces

In Eastern Orthodoxy, the most highly esteemed icons are those depicting The Holy Virgin Mary - Mother of God. These icons can be classified into several types based on the details of their execution. The icon necklace shown here depicts Christ as an infant who is snuggling up to His Mother by brushing Her face with His cheek. This type of icons is called 'Panagia Eleousa' and not only represents a Mother's love for her Son, but also symbolizes the man's love for God and the God's love for man (see central picture).



 Spas Holy Mandylion Russian gold icon necklace   Virgin Mary Panagia Eleousa Russian gold icon necklace    Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Russian gold icon in the USA and Canada




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