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I just want to verify that I have finally received my package with zodiac pendant, and I must say it was well worth the wait! Thanks for such a high quality product! I look forward to conducting business with you again in the future.
You guys are great!

Todd Baccarin, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the warm response

Customer Service Team


I have a question about Item code: 28510389-D. It shows total weight 0.33 - is this for both earrings or each? Also is there any discount you may offer if I consider to buy two sets? You may reply in Russian.

Farkhod Ikramov, Atlanta, GA

Dear Mr. Farkhold Ikramov,
Thank you for your interest to our jewelry line.
Regarding the item # 28510389-D you inquired, the weight of 0.33ct indicated in the description is total weight for both stones. We have only one piece of this particular style available to purchase now.
To enjoy our loyalty program you need to be registered in our customer database.
We offer wide variety of services and benefits to our clients, please refer to Customer Service Policy
If you have any additional questions regarding the item you picked, please no hesitate to call us and we will be happy to assist you.


Customer Service Team


Thank you for your offer. These earrings would not be the best option for us. Do you have kids earrings without any stones? Are all of the earrings available listed on your website? If not, could you please send me some pictures of other kids earrings (gold or silver) prefferably without stones.

Slava Shpunt, IL

Hello Slava,
Further to our today’s communication, I can suggest you new kid’s earrings SKU # 14110007
They are manufactured of 585 rose gold, “Russian back”, without stones. The price is $340.00 per pair. See our Children Jewelery collection, please
We have 2 pairs available in the store at that moment
Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing.
I would appreciate your fast response.

Alona, Customer Service


Dear Sirs,
My name is Michalis E. Koukas and I am a micro relief carver from Greece. More specifically, I carve orthodox icons on wood and several types of bone following strictly the byzantine art form. All my works of art are 100% handmade. Even the tools that I use for carving are totally handmade as well. The type of wood I use is top quality boxwood.
My works include:
· pectoral medallions
· blessing crosses / altar crosses /pectoral crosses
· Miniature icons
· Buckles
After viewing your website and having concluded that your target market might be interested in my works, I would appreciate your feedback concerning a possible cooperation between us.
Thank you for your time.

Michalis Koukas, Greece

Dear Mr. Koukas,

Thank you for your offer.
Unfortunately, we don't run trading with sole proprietors.
We are buying orthodox cross pendants and icon necklaces from famous Russian and Ukrainian jewelry factories only. This is our business policy.


Customer Service


Hi, I am going to buy ring looks like butterfly with stones. Do you have it?

Julia Magomedova, Toronto, Ontario

Dear Julia,
Thank you for your interest to our product.
How we understood you, you inquire about ring # 21300037, weight app. 7g, 585 (14K) two-tone gold with cubic zirconia and colored stone (choice of garnet, amethyst, or lab-created emerald).
Estimated price for that style is $1,150.00
Our supplier has been working under our order and it seems possible to include that ring in our order.
To place the order we need the following information from you:
1. Ring size in Russian or American system
2. Colored stone (see above mentioned list of stones available)
Please note, that 50% non-refundable deposit is required to process the order.
To include the item in our shipment we need to hear from you not late than April 18th 2013.
Approximate time of delivery is end of May 2013.
Please contact our Toronto office at (905) 762-1750 if you wish to proceed.

Irene, Customer Service


Hello Sir or Madam,
I have plan to buy several things from your store.
Can you Ship to my address Singapore?
Do you accept major credit card as the payment ?
I'm waiting for your confirmation as soon as possible.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Jose Miller

Dear Mr. Miller,

Due for certain reasons we do not supply customers living in Asia and Africa.
All the best,

Customer Service


I have received the package. It is very pretty bracelet and looks great on me!
My husband think that the bracelet is gorgeous! Thank you Marina.

Kristina Lacerte

You welcome!


здравствуйте, мы на следующей неделе собираемся в Нью-Йорк к родственникам. Скажите вы открылись после шторма? Мы хотели бы заехать к вам.

Ольга Городец, Флорида

Добрый день, Ольга!

Да, мы работаем с 9 ноября. Заезжайте. Приятных покупок!

Марина, дежурный администратор

2012-July, 27

Dear Representative,
My name is Ludmila, I have been a client of yours for the last couple of years. I remained very satisfied with every purchase until I bought a set with rough brown topaz w/diamonds. I am deeply satisfied with the earrings; however a real problem is a ring. This problem is a result of poorly mounted stone which was not stable. I addressed this issue in the store and I bought it to be sent to the jeweler. After a few weeks the stone simply fell out and I lost it while I was on the plane. I tried looking for it but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found. So I am asking you to look into this from me and either have this ring fixed with a new stone or have it replaced. I appreciate your time. Please get back to me in a timely manner. Thanks.

Lyudmila Lenderuk, Brooklyn, NY

Уважаемая Людмила,
Мы подняли историю покупки этого кольца. Оно было куплено Вами со скидкой 35% 5 января 2012 (почти 8 месяцев назад). 7 февраля (почти 7 месяцев назад) были поджаты пронги, крепящие центральноый камень. Этот ремонт был выполнен нашими сертифицированными ювелирами.
Необходимо отметить, что согласно правилам нашей компании, с которыми Вы были ознакомлены мы обеспечиваем гарантийный ремонт (в случае очевидного заводского брака) в течении 45 дней после покупки. Кроме того, что 45 дней гарaнтийного срока давно истекли, сейчас сложно сказать почему выпал камень. Скорее всего во время путешествия Вы зацепились кольцом за что-то. В ситуациях, когда изделие было повреждено клиентом в результате неаккуратного обращения мы НЕ несем ответственности за ремонт даже в течении гарантийного срока. Таким образом формально мы не должны 27 июля 2012 года покупать новый камень и осуществлять ремонт.
Тем не менее, согласно распоряжению руководства компании в порядке ИСКЛЮЧЕНИЯ мы осуществим ПОСЛЕ гарантийный ремонт за свой счет. Для этого Вы должны принести это кольцо в наш новый магазин по адресу 312 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn. Ремонт будет сделан в течении 2-3 недель в зависимости от того, как скоро нам пришлют новый камень из России.
Просим принять во внимание, что оттенок нового камня может отличаться от того, что был утерян Вами.

Оксана, менеджер магазина

2012-June 11
I have been going to Golden Flamingo (brooklyn store) for about 4 years (usually visited it on my bi-annual trip to New York). I am planning to be in Brooklyn in the middle of July. Unfortunately, friend of mine told me you've moved. As a business lady I do know this step isn't easy. Even though I have your new address I would like to make sure that your jewelries displays are ready for showing off. They used to be pretty good at your old location...
all the best,

Mary J., West Virginia

Dear Mary,
Thank you very much for your letter and concern. We'd like to assure you that our new store is fully up and running:) We were very pleased with the designers team and what they have achieved with our new store. Windows and jewelry displays are very open and have brand new Lighting System that allow a full view of the Jewelry Collections. It creates perfect balance of light, color and sparkle.
Please come in and see the store for yourself as well as our New jewelry Collections.
Best Regards,
P.S. We are proud to announce Grand Opening of our new store located at:
312 Brighton Beach Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235-7413

Anasstasia, Customer Relationship Specialist-National Sales Team

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