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I love shopping at GF and have always admired their exceptional customer service and impeccable attention to detail. My now fiancé knew I would be very happy with a GF ring so we went and picked one out together. The only problem I had was my ring finger is incredibly thin and not at all standard size (3 1/4"). The owner and his staff went above and beyond to customize the ring I wanted and made sure to do everything in their power to satisfy my needs. Not only is the ring truly regal and beautiful, I wear it with pride knowing it came from Russia, the country where I was born. Thank you GF, I will always be a returning customer!

Anna R. Brooklyn

Dear Anna,
Thank you for being our valued customer. It has been a pleasure to serve you!

— Golden Flamingo Customer Service Team

I contacted my credit card issuer again and they did indeed accept the refund through the previous card so we are now good.
Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support.
Have a wonderful day!

David H. C. Chicago, IL

We do our best for our customers...and a little bit more.

— Tatiana, Customer Service Team

Wonderful Webpage, Keep up the very good work. Thanks for your time!

Jayne W. Ollenhauer Str. 52

Dear Jayne,
Our pleasure, thank you very much!

— Samanta, Customer Service Associate


Teddy A. 5 Windham Loop, Apt 6M

You welcome!

— Natalie, Customer Service Team

Good day,
I will like to know if you will be able to ship to Fiji Island also if you accept payment via Credit Cards. Please send me an email if you received my email so i can send over the list of product needed.

Kathryn Lefief, F. Fiji Island

Hi Kathryn,
Yes it's possible. We'll contact you,

— Susan, Customer Service Team

Hello, I would need to order for 14 karat solid yellow gold chain and here are the styles, thickness and length i want to order for below.
24" 2.75 mm diamond cut rope in yellow gold
24" 3 mm diamond cut rope in yellow gold
24" 4 mm diamond cut rope in yellow gold
24" Figaro 4.75 mm yellow gold
Kindly get beck to me with price and availability of each. I hope to read from you as soon as possible.
Best Regards,

Wendy Edwardo, M. Marlton, NJ

Dear Wendy,
Our company specializes in rose gold jewelry. We are one of the major seller of rose gold jewelry in North American market starting 1996. We may offer you such styles of chains in trendy Russian gold (585 proof gold alloy of a warm pink-yellow hue).
Please see our collection: https://www.goldenflamingo.us/en/collections/chains/

— Marina, Customer Service representative

Got the silver spoon in perfect time, love it. Thank you very much.

Inna Zevakina O. OMAHA, Nebraska

You welcome!

— Maryanna

Thank you so much for the beautiful cross. Real craftsmanship and it gives true spiritual feeling - it was made with love and great skills. Will share your store with my family. And the delivery was faster than i ever experienced. Maybe an Angel flew it over. Many thanks for offering such elegant authentic jewelry and spiritual objects to make life beautiful and holly. Wishes of joy and health to all at Golden Flamingo.

Nina Zavarin and family. L. 2055 Rodney Drive, Apt. 107 Los Angeles, CA 90027

Our pleasure. Thank you for the order.

— Golden Flamingo Customer Service Team