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The tradition of manufacturing golden and silver miniature wearable icons takes its roots in the Early Christian Byzantium. It has been further developed and perfected in the Eastern countries professing Christianity, especially in Russia. Our collection of Orthodox body icons is representative of this trend in Russian religious jewelry. These miniature symbols of faith are made of quality Russian gold or silver using innovative laser cutting technologies that help achieve previously unheard-of details in work with precious metals. This is of particular importance when the depicted faces are of our Heavenly Father and of the Holy Virgin Mary. We are sure that you won’t find such miniature next-to-skin Orthodox icons anywhere else in the US and Canada as such technology is available solely to the major jewelry manufacturers. Veneration of icons in the Russian Orthodox tradition is grounded in the concept of the direct relationship between the worldly and the heavenly church. Addressing a prayer to an icon an Orthodox Christian believes that the prayer is pleasing to the Lord and feels assured of the prompt intercession of saint that guides on the path of righteousness and protects from the life's troubles. Great is the power of prayer. Cherish your closeness to the God and feel assured of His love and of the gift of salvation.

Education: In Eastern Orthodoxy, the most highly esteemed icons are those depicting The Most Holy Virgin - Mother of God. These icons can be classified into several types based on their composition and details: The Virgin of Eleousa icon (in Russian 'Умиление'), The Virgin of Orans, Oranta icon (in Russian: 'Оранта - Молящаяся'), The Virgin of Hodegetria icon (in Russian: 'Одигитрия - Путеводительница') and The Virgin of Panachranta or All-Forgiving (in Russian: 'Всемилостивая').

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